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The central investment philosophy at Larsen Wealth Management (LWM) is based upon the time-tested success of acquiring equity in quality companies, both domestic and abroad, to create and preserve long term multi-generational wealth. We implement diversified portfolios based on stated goals, inflation risk, and longevity risk.

At LWM we find the best approach to investing is to avoid trying to outguess the market or identify hot investment managers or products. Rather, we focus on efficiently taking advantage of what the market provides. Sometimes even sophisticated investors can't resist trying to time the stock market, particularly during periods of volatility. The impulse is entirely understandable, but the fact is that trying to time the markets can be hazardous to your wealth. Our experience has convinced us that in the short-term markets move in ultimately unpredictable ways, and that the penalty for attempting to systematically time them can be severe. Your custom-built, diversified portfolio of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and other quality investment vehicles puts you in position to profit from the market's historical tendency to outpace inflation and can help you maintain your purchasing power over the long haul.

Our philosophy also includes the following:

  • Systematically rebalancing each vehicle and the whole portfolio to retain the desired risk level and return potential.
  • Managing each portfolio with attention to its tax status and purpose
  • Working with other professional advisors, if desired by the client, to develop a wealth management plan for each investment and for the entire family portfolio.
  • Continuously monitoring all investments
  • Adjusting the financial plan whenever goals or needs change

We recommend that every client allocates investments among portfolios that are likely to outperform over the long term. This is why the bulk of our clients' assets are in equity investments that include U.S. growth and value, international growth and value, and emerging-markets stocks. Short to long term treasuries and investment grade corporate bonds may also be added where appropriate. We've built expertise and capabilities in all of these areas because a portfolio diversified with imperfectly correlating assets is the best way we know of to reduce the variability of near-term results, to preserve capital, and to generate attractive returns over the long term.

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